Humble Beginnings

Before we became Vigilante Comics, we sold comic book boxes through Smart Records Group’s online store, Archive Boxes Australia,  humble merchants of affordable archiving supplies. (Hey! Don’t fall asleep yet!).

We decided that we could use our archiving powers for something more and decided to embrace our own passion for comics and graphic novels by creating a line of Comic storage supplies. We saw that the Australian comic storage market largely relied on overpriced cardboard boxes imported from the United States.

We knew there was an opportunity to make boxes that didn’t suck, rip apart and destroy your collection every-time you move them.

Vigilante Comics is born
In 2021 we officially launched Vigilante Comics at Melbourne Oz Comic Con. As our story continues to be written we will be growing our range to provide more affordable quality comic supplies for Aussies Comic Fans.

We would love to welcome you to join us on our journey as we grow our range of products to meet your needs in keeping your most precious collection stored permanently.

Find a Vigilante Comics Stockist

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