Preserve and Protect

If you want to keep your comics as crisp and fresh as the day they were printed, then comic boards and bags should be your first option. All Vigilante Comics bags and boards are made of acid free materials.

Acid Free for Longevity

Our bags and boards are made from acid free materials to ensure that your comics don’t degrade over time.

Which Bag and Board Size is for me?

A one size fits all approach doesn’t apply to comic book storage. It all depends on the type of comic you have as to which size is best for you.

Golden Age Sized Comic Bags and Boards

Golden Age Size

The Golden Age of Comic Books was the era of American comic books produced between 1938 to 1956. These are slightly bigger than the newer comic book versions.

The Golden Age saw the superhero archetype created, with many characters being introduced to the world including Superman, Batman, Captain America, and Wonder Woman.

Product Dimensions:

  • Board Size: 19.7cm x 26.7cm

  • Bag Size: 21.7cm x 26.7cm + 3.8cm resealable flap

Silver Age Sized

The Silver Age of comics followed the golden age and lasted from approximately 1956 to 1970.

Comics had become a scapegoat for juvenile delinquency with horror and crime genre’s gaining the most popularity. In response, publishers returned to the heroic tales of the Golden Age, notable Super Heroes such as Spiderman made their debut in this era. This era is characterised by a declining optimism towards the end of the 70s.

Product Dimensions:

  • Board Size: 17.8cm x 26.67cm

  • Bag Size: 19.1cm x 26.7cm + 3.8cm resealable flap

Silver Aged Comic Bags and Boards
Modern age comic boards and bags

Current / Modern Size

Sometimes referred to as the dark age of comics due to the popularity of comics with a more serious tone. This era of comics span from 1985 to the present day.

Era defining titles include, Watchmen (1986) and Batman: The Dark Knight returns (1986). New teams of writers and artists gave established titles their own spin as veteran creatives retired.

It is difficult to fully define this era as it is ongoing and shares many characteristics with the Bronze age of comics.

Product Dimensions:

  • Board Size: 17cm x 26.67cm

  • Bag Size: 18.5cm x 26.7cm + 3.8cm resealable flap

Supplies to keep your comics in tip-top shape.

Check out our new range of Comic Supplies - your collection will thank you for it!

Comic Book Toploaders

Power up your comic book protection game with our premium Comic Book Toploader! Available for Current, Silver, and Golden Age comics.

Made from high-quality, durable materials, our toploaders feature crystal-clear plastic that allows for max visibility of your comic book’s cover art. The rigid design also ensures that your comic book will remain flat and secure, while the top closure flap keeps it snugly in place.

Whether you’re a serious collector or just starting out, our Comic Book Toploaders are essential for protecting and displaying your valuable comic book collection. Order now and give your comics the protection they deserve!

Comic Book Magnetic Holder

Protect your valuable comic book collection with the Vigilante Comics Comic Book Magnetic Holder, featuring acid-free, UV-resistant plastic that'll keep your prized comics looking pristine for years to come.

The slide-in hinges make it easy to insert and remove your comics, while the dual magnetic closure ensures a secure hold. The frosted border adds an extra touch of elegance to the holder case, making it an amazing display piece in your home or office.  

Designed to fit Current-sized comic books, these premium-quality Comic Book Magnetic Holders will give your valuable comics the protection and display they deserve.

Comic Book Dividers

Keep your comic book collection organised and in top condition with the Vigilante Comics Comic Book Dividers!

These sturdy dividers, designed to fit in most standard comic book boxes, will keep your comics upright and separated, making it easy to find your favourite issues.

Made of acid-free polypropylene, these dividers help ensure that your comics will stay in top condition for years to come. 

Whether you're a serious collector or just starting to build a collection, our Comic Book Dividers are a must-have! Order now and start organising your collection like a superhero!

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