Premium storage for Premium Comics

Our comic slab box is custom made to store graded and slabbed comics. It’s a larger container with the same durable Polypropylene construction.

Comic Slab Storage

When you’ve gone to the effort of slabbing, grading or investing in premium comics, Keeping them safe is an absolute priority. Our Boxes are made from corflute polypropylene to help them maintain their shape.

Use this box to store and protect all your slabs and magazine size comic books.

PAT Tested & Acid Free

The Comic Slab Box has been PAT tested, which is geek speak the Photographic Activity Test.

The PAT was developed by the Image Permanence Institute of the United States to test the quality of photographic storage materials. It is the subject of International Standards Organisation standard ISO 18916:2007 Imaging materials – Processed imaging materials – Photographic activity test for enclosure materials.

Put simply, the test indicates whether a material is likely to damage photographs, negatives, slides, motion picture films, etc. The test looks for chemical interactions that manifest as discolouration's of photographic material. If a product fails the test, it should not be allowed near photographic materials.

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